Hey there, viewers! Does your dog have  its designated sleeping area? Or  do you let it sleep on your bed?

You read the title of the video right. Today,  we are talking about 11 science backed health  benefits of letting your dog sleep with you.  Do they really help people with depression?  What about keeping your blood pressure down?  We’re talking about all of this AND more…Helps with depressions if I need to tell you this.

If you have  a dog, you already know how uplifting these  adorable fluff balls are! It turns out dogs  can actually help people with depression.It can be their lovable demeanour, cute looks, or  unconditional love they give you.

A study found  taking part in activities with animals was really  helpful for people with depressive symptoms.In fact, those who played with dogs or  even interacted with them felt better.  This relief in symptoms came from the flow  of the love hormone oxytocin in humans.Imagine what sleeping next to your dog can do  to you. A four-legged walking antidepressant!Have you ever felt better after interacting or playing with a dog?  Do you have one? What’s its name?

There can  never be enough doggos around. Bring ‘em on!Helps with insomnia you find it difficult to fall  asleep? There can be nothing worse  than being awake all night. Tried counting  sheep?

But it didn’t help, right? Instead,  have your four legged friend sleep next  to you. You will definitely fall asleep  in no time. Their warm fuzzy presence  helps people find relief from insomnia.Especially anxiety-induced insomnia!  Experts have found during research that  your dog sleeping beside you promotes sleep by reducing your anxiety. You will find relief  from hyperarousal and hypervigilance. 

All of which helps you fall asleep.A better environment and mood are in  themselves strong sleep promoters.Increases your Theta BrainwavesWant to catch deep sleep? Improve your  brain’s capabilities of processing information and making memories?  You need a dog sleeping beside ya!Wait, there is a connection between your brain  and your dog’s presence. Yep! There is a profound connection.

The chemicals released as a result  of sleeping with your dog increase your theta  brainwaves. These brain waves are responsible  for processing information and making memories.

Theta brain waves are also linked  to different types of learning.  They especially promote the type  of learning wherein you do not have  conscious access to the thing you are doing  or learning. Like learning to drive a car!When you’re sleeping beside your dog, your heartbeat syncs up with theirs.

That’s more  proof of the calming effect of a dog’s  presence on the human brain. Amazing,  isn’t it? The next time you want a rejuvenating sleep, let your adorable pup lie down next to you. 

 Imagine both of your hearts beating in unison! Your sense of security increasesAsk any dog parent and they will tell you  how their pup thinks it’s superman….  Whoops… Superdog!

There’s a bit of truth in it.  Dogs do have the superpower to make you feel  at ease and increase your sense of security.That’s not us saying it. Scientists have found this to be true through a study.  It’s been reported that having the pet sleep in  their owner’s bed made the human participants feel secure. It can be attributed to the fact  that dogs indeed have protective instincts.If there’s anything amiss while you are sleeping, your dog will let you know.  It could be a burglar breaking in or the  house cat sneaking into the food cabinet.  

The dog will bark like crazy about it.No wonder I can sleep so well when my dog  is around. I know he’s watching my back.Just one thing though. You need to make sure your  dog isn’t hypersensitive or overly protective.  

That will be like having the  smoke alarm go off at midnight  because your neighbour’s smoking in his garage!No nightmares, more comfort you get nightmares often? Sleeping beside  your pet can help. Sleeping with your dog  around you not only increases your sense  of security. But it also stops nightmares.  

This is especially good for people struggling  with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).Dogs make them feel cozy, secure and comfortable.  This results in a nightmare-free sleep.  Dogs too love lying beside their humans.  

This creates a loving atmosphere that  can help people heal from their trauma.Create a snuggly atmosphere with your  four-legged best friend. But lay some  ground rules so that these warm snuggles do  not result in disturbances during the night.

Before we move ahead, here is another  video you might like. Watch this video  to know what happens to your body when you sleep.Improved sleep qualityDogs helped you feel secure and fall asleep  faster.

They also help with reducing nightmares.  But can they also impact your overall sleep  quality? Is there any sleep efficiency score?

Turns out there is one. And sleeping with your  dog does, in fact, help you get better sleep.  Sleep efficiency score is determined by the amount  of time you spent actually sleeping on your bed.A study has revealed that people who  slept with their pooch in the bedroom,  had a better bedtime routine.

Researchers made the human as well as dog participants  wear trackers while sleeping. This  happens for seven nights straight!  It was recorded that humans had 81% sleep  efficiency, while their dogs had 85%.The next time you wake up tired,  make sure you sleep with your dog  around.

You won’t feel gross anymore!You no longer feel lonelyWell, this is a given. Every single  dog parent will vouch for this.  Having a dog around you is wholesome.  You feel loved and wanted.

The feeling  is so good that you want to get your own.  Then you will know what I’m talking about!If you’re living all by yourself, you feel  lonely at times. Getting a dog can help.  Recent studies have shown getting  a dog lets you sleep better.

Low blood pressureWe’ve been talking about the emotional  and mental impact of getting a dog.

But  did you know it can also help you heal physically?A study has made a pleasant discovery.  It found that when you pet your dog or  interact with it, your blood pressure decreases.  

Having a dog can be therapeutic! Who knew they  can help with your mood AND your blood pressure?On second thoughts, being in a better mood AND  having lower blood pressure does make sense.

Destress and relax there is something called the pet  effect. It will leave you surprised.  Living with your pet and letting them sleep in  your bedroom helps you destress. In a study,  74% of pet owners felt their emotional and  mental health improve after they got their pet.

This magical effect is due to the hormones  your body releases when you cuddle your dog.  These love hormones lower cortisol-  the stress chemical in your body.  This will ultimately alleviate your stress  and help you relax. You’re now much happier!Your dog is happier sleeping next to your dog can really help you.  Does your dog enjoy sleeping beside you?  Does it benefit them as well?

It turns out  it does. Your dog feels happier sleeping  beside you. The warmth and love is mutual.Letting your dog sleep in your  bedroom strengthens your bond.  Experts believe it helps them socialize.

Your  dog is more confident because it feels loved.You get a healthy heartYour dog is good for your heart.  Of course this had to be true.  They do fill every inch of your heart  with their love.

And now experts  have found a strong connection between  your furry best friend and your heart.It has been found that having a  pet decreased your hypertension.  Pet parents overall had better heart health.Letting your dog sleep in your bed is a good  idea. But you need to make sure that they’re  dewormed. Your dog may very well have fleas,  mites, ticks and worms.

Brush them regularly.If you’re a light sleeper and  your dog moves around a lot,  let it sleep in your bedroom but in its own bed.Getting a dog is a big decision. Make  sure you know basic things about them.  Like what they can eat and what they  absolutely shouldn’t!

Here’s a few more videos.Watch 9 Foods That Can Kill Your DogYou can also try 12 Human Foods  That Are Actually Good For Your DogGo ahead and click one. Better yet, watch  both. Learn how to live a happy lifestyle.  Do you let your dog sleep in your bed?  Let us know in the comments below!

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