Hey there, viewers. Pets can bring so much  joy to your life, but perhaps there’s no  animal more joyful than your dog. But owning  one isn’t always easy. It sometimes comes with  a lot of stress and sleepless nights.

How  many of you have gotten up at 2am just to  let it out to do its business? Let’s talk  about 6 Mistakes You Make With Your Dog.Do I exercise my animal? How important is  it to let it socialize with other dogs? 

 Wait, is it possible that I picked the wrong  dog? We’re talking about all that AND more…You’re Not Training Them ProperlyThis is one of the most common mistakes first-time  dog owners make.

Dogs need to be trained. Some  dogs need training more than others, but all dogs  need at least a little bit of training. Not just  training, they also need to learn how to socialize  with others.

You don’t want your dogs running  around not knowing how to deal in situations  with people and animals. It spells out disaster.If you haven’t trained your dog,  it’s a problem. Dogs need rules.

They need  discipline. Think about it, you have a highly  energetic animal with sharp teeth running  around.

They need to know right from wrong.With socialization specifically, dogs  are able to become acquainted with their  environment.

It also teaches  them how to deal with people,  most importantly young children.  Socialization can help your dog  handle objects around the house. They learn to  be more gentle, and not to break everything.

The problem is that not many seem to be taking  their dogs to socialization classes. Some figures  put it as low as 4% of people. If you’re not  properly socializing your dog, you won’t have  too many options.

I mean, how are you going to  travel out of town? Nobody’s going to want to take  care of a dog that’s violent and out of control. 

Just the act of taking it out for a walk is tense.If you’ve recently added a young puppy to  your family, look into having it trained.What’s the worst thing your dog has  ever done? Did it eat your meal and  leave it all over the floor?

Did it pee  on your rug? Has it ever bitten someone?  Sound off in the comment section, and start  a conversation with our Bestie community…You Don’t Take Them To The VetNow this doesn’t mean you’re some psycho  who doesn’t care about your dog’s health.  

We’ve all brought our animal to the vet at  some point. But we often avoid taking our  dog to the doctor when they really need it. 

A lot of people wait until it’s too late.Taking your dog to the vet is the best way for it  to avoid sickness. The vet keeps your pet healthy.  This becomes difficult, because your  dog likes to trick you.

You may think,  “I don’t have to bring my dog in for a checkup.  He seems pretty happy.” Well the truth is that  dogs will hide their sickness from you. That  is until it becomes impossible to do so.

Let’s talk about heartworm for a second…  This is an infestation of a parasite  transmitted by mosquitoes. It damages not  just the heart, but other organs as well,  including the lungs.

There’s  no dog big or strong enough to  avoid it. If heartworm isn’t treated  properly, it could kill your dog.Just as a general rule, try and take  your dog to the vet at least once a  year. It could help prevent things like  heartworm.

While heartworm can be treated,  the treatment is really expensive. Like  “thousands of dollars” expensive. Like humans,  animals should be getting an annual checkup.  This will make it much easier to diagnose an  illness when it comes along.

From here,  you’ll also be able to treat it easier.You’re Not Giving Them ExerciseThis is another big one you’re skipping out  on.

I mean sure, you’re walking your dog.  But that’s not enough. You need to actually  bring your dog out for some real exercise.  

That’s what things like dog parks are for. They  get to jump around in the fresh air. I envy them.Now the amount of exercise your dog needs  would depend on what shape they’re in.  Some are more prone to health issues than  others.

But no matter how healthy they are,  lack of exercise will lead to  some serious problems later on.You have to be able to read your dog. 

If it’s constantly laying around,  tired and bored, you’ll want to bring  it outside. When it’s not taking part  in physical activity, it will grow  depressed.

It can also get fat.Dogs are like humans in so many ways.  An out of shape dog is the result of  too much eating and not enough  exercise.

Research shows that  overweight dogs live 2 and a half years  shorter on average than healthier dogs.Not only can exercise benefit them physically, it  will also do it mentally. This is something else  they share with humans.

If you want to keep their  brain sharp, play games with them. Throw around a  frisbee for a bit. This is something that allows  them to practice both agility and coordination.Before we continue, are you trying  to get in shape?

Check out our  recent article on 10 Unhealthy Drinks  That Could Give You a Heart Attack.  Now back to our discussion  on mistakes dog owners make.Not Feeding Your DogThis one is so important, yet so difficult  for people to follow.

Not only do you need  to be feeding your dog regularly, you  need to be feeding them the right food.  If they’re not eating the correct nutrients,  your dog will suffer from health problems.  These issues include malnutrition,  skin disease, and even cancer.Just be sure that you’re not overfeeding your  animal.

We talked a minute ago about dogs  being fat. Well this is one of the reasons  why. Make a point to feed them twice a day,  12 hours in between meals.  As for the portion size,  it all depends on the size of your dog. 

This is why it’s important to read up  and ask professionals. You’ll always want  to check the label on the bag of dog food.

Neglecting Their TeethAnd you thought your teeth were bad. You  know that famous “doggie breath” people  talk about? Well there’s a reason behind  it. If your dog’s breath smells gross,  you’re not cleaning their teeth properly. 

Some aren’t cleaning their teeth at all.Doggie breath is just a polite name for halitosis.  Yes, animals can get it too.

For those  of you clean freaks out there, halitosis  is when your breath releases an endlessly foul  odour. It’s usually the result of not brushing  or flossing. It can lead to tooth decay,  tooth loss, organ failure and heart disease.

This is why home dental care is crucial for  your doggo. Brush their teeth at least twice  daily.

Unlike a lot of humans, dogs actually  enjoy getting their teeth brushed. Once you  introduce it to their regular routine, they’re  going to be expecting you to do it every day.Keep in mind, not everybody’s great at brushing.  Heck, brushing your own teeth can be a task.

If  you feel like you’re one of these people,  make sure you read up on the proper way to  brush a dog’s teeth.

Also, you should be taking  the dog into the vet for dental checkups. You  need to make sure they’re teeth are being  looked over by an expert once in a while.You May Have Chosen The Wrong DogI don’t mean the pet store screwed up  and didn’t give you the dog you picked.  

How annoying would that be? I mean that you  personally made a poor choice. You need to  get a dog that fits your personality. 

Sometimes it’s possible that the dog  you took home just isn’t a good match for  you. And you’re not a good match for them.We often get a dog on impulse. The cutest looking  one at the pet store is the one we have to have.  There are just so many things you need  to consider before getting them.

Will  it be a handful? Will I have the energy to  take care of it? Is it vicious? Is it even  the right size for my living space? These are  all very realistic questions to ask yourself.Trust me, there’s nothing worse than realizing  you made a mistake and got the wrong dog.  

That’s why taking the practical steps  and thinking it through is so important.The weather’s getting nicer outside. You’re  going to want to walk your dog just as an  excuse to be outdoors.

But before going  out, you want to be in the right shape.  Let’s keep the discussion rolling  with a couple more videos, shall we?Check out 10 Ways To Keep  Your Heart Healthy. Or how  about What Running Every Day Does To Your Body?

Go ahead, click one. Or better yet, watch both,  and learn more about how to get  your body healthy for the summer.  

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