Introduction :

American bullies are the new companion dog breeds, which were recognized by the United Kennel Club in 2004 and 2008.  These dogs are short, smooth and have glossy skin. American bullies come under the family of pitbulls. Are very affectionate, gentle, loyal and have a pleasing nature towards their owners. They are very intelligent, versatile, sophisticated, and grasp the training tips very quickly. They become a little aggressive towards other dogs once they become mature.

Health Problems Associated With American Bullies :

Some of the health conditions of American bullies  are not neglected and the owners of these dogs should be aware about these issues to give a healthy and a happy life to their dog breed.

  1. Eye related issues like eye infections.
  2. Skin diseases.
  3. Heart related problems.
  4. Hip dysplasia.

These are the major issues that are faced by American bullies during their lifespan. As an owner of these breeds it is our responsibility to take care of their health related issues and give them an affordable life with good health.

Best Food For American Bully :

Feed your dog with the best food which are recommended by the best veterinarians. Veterinary nutritionists formulate the dog’s food worldwide based on all types of criterias keeping in mind like breeds mental and physical health, their mood conditions, their weight, height, infectional and allergic conditions.

Here I am suggesting some best food which helps you to feed your American bully dog with high nutrition and make them to have a resistant body against various infections and diseases.

  1. Acana Regionals Grain Free Dry Dog Food.
  2. Diamond Naturals Extreme Athlete Dog Food.
  3. Orijen Dry Puppy Food.
  4. Merrick Healthy Weight Dry Dog Food.
  5. Victor Select Dry Dog Food.
  6. Wellness Core Natural Senior Dry Dog Food.
  7. Taste of the Wild Ancient Prairie Dog Food.
  8. Instinct Raw Boost Natural Dog Food.

1. Acana Regionals Grain Free Dry Dog Food.

  • Acana is a biologically appropriate product for your dogs, especially for the American Bully  breed.
  • Contains a standard amount of calcium and phosphorus ratio along with various sources of fish which are rich in 78% proteins, 20% fats, 45% carbohydrates,and fats to enhance the immunity with proper digestive system.
  • Help to keep your pets with skin supple, sharp eye vision, and to have an active brain.

2. Diamond Naturals Extreme Athlete Dog Food.

  • Diamond contains a lot of nutrients, 60% proteins, 25% fats, 48% carbohydrates and is also of high quality.
  • Blended with the perfect amount of protein and fat that helps to keep your bullies active and energetic by improving the digestive system, brain development and resistance to diseases.
  • Specially formulated with joint strengthening properties, that helps your bullies to have strong and healthy bones, sharp teeth and glossy, velvety skin.

3. Orijen Dry Puppy Food.

  • Mostly recommended for the puppies, because it supports the growth and development of puppies with their active nature.
  • Contains a high amount of glucosamine and also amino acids to help your puppy’s joints, bones always stay tough and strong, enhancing the nervous system for better brain development.
  • Orijen food is formulated with 85% of meat ingredients and 15% of fruits and vegetables, and so this is a complete grain free food with a perfectly fair diet providing intense flavor.

4. Merrick Healthy Weight Dry Dog Food.

  • Merrick contains a proper proportion of weight controlling properties, appetizing and a carbo loading diet with fine palatable taste.
  • Formulated with 55% meat and with 45% carbohydrates, this makes the bullies’ body fit and also helps improve their digestive and immune system, brain development.
  • Contains Glucosamine, which helps to have strong bones and teeth providing muscle strength.

5. Victor Select Dry Dog Food.

  • Formulated with good fiber sources, healthy grains and also added probiotics and prebiotics.
  • Rich in Vitamin E and Vitamin B that helps to have a good eye sight, proper nervous system functioning, blended with 80% proteins, 27% fats, 38% carbohydrates, fibers to enhance the immunity during training stages.
  • Especially recommended for dogs by the vet doctors who need a slightly lower protein meal.

6. Wellness Core Natural Senior Dry Dog Food.

  • Wellness core is formulated with high quality ingredients from the wholesome sources, dry and crispy textured food providing a perfectly fair diet with intense taste.
  • Rich in omega 3 fatty acid, helps to improve the health of your pets by having a healthy, velvety and glossy skin, and a healthy coat.
  • Contains a standard amount of protein,vitamins, glucosamine, amino acids which is used for the maintenance of the muscle strength and active nature of your bullies.

7. Taste of the Wild Ancient Prairie Dog Food.

  • Taste of wild is formulated with the healthy grains that are easily digestible in the bullies body and generates a lot of energy to keep them active and energetic all the time.
  • Formulated with gluten free ingredients, they are meant to be healthy and natural food products, improve the nervous system and proper digestion to increase immunity.
  • Grains usually include rice, barley, quinoa and other ingredients for maintaining the health of the American bullies.

8. Instinct Raw Boost Natural Dog Food.

  • Instinct raw is formulated with high quality nutrients, with omega fatty acids, that helps to maintain and to have a good immune system and make them active throughout their life stages from growth to the developmental stage.
  • One of the best foods for your American bullies, providing delicious taste with pleasing texture and fine taste.
  • Offering specialized nutritions for acute minded bulldogs.

Required Ingredients In The Bully Dog Food :

The most important ingredients that should be present in the Bully breed food are many. Make sure to feed your Bully with all the nutrients and with the protein sources to make them active and healthy.

Some ingredients are Real meat, High quality fat, Carbohydrates, Nutrients, Proteins should be present in the optimum amount.


The American bully is the large breed that is known as the companion dog. The above mentioned food contains all the requirements for your dogs and are mostly recommended by the vet doctors to the adult dogs and puppies.

I personally recommend feeding these foods to your american bullies, so that your dog should be healthy with all the nutrients and must be active all the time.

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