Bully dogs are considered as the best companion dogs with potential personality. These special dogs were first identified by breed Club which was held in America and hence these breeds are named as American bullies, there are also many other sociable bully breeds. They are considered as the best family dog and so they become good and cheerful companions for family members. Bullies are normally calm in nature with an acute mindset.

There are many breeds comes under Bulldog family some of them are

  1.  American pitbull
  2.  English bulldogs
  3.  French bulldogs
  4.  Bull Terriers
  5.  Bull mastiffs 

Best Dog Food For Bullies

There are many foods available for dogs in the market, but many of them are not made with the best quality and ingredients. So, As the owner of dogs it is our responsibility to have a look at the best products which are formulated by the best brands.

These brands are available internationally and they formulate the food based on the quality ingredients that suit the different dogs immune and digestive system.

Here I am providing a list of bully breed dog food that contains rich nutrients.

  1. Crave Premium Adult Chicken.
  2. Bully Max High Performance
  3. Annamaet Ultra (32% dry dog food).
  4. Orijen Tundra Grain-Free Dog Food.
  5. Taste of the Wild (wild wetlands dry dog food).
  6. Wellness complete Health Adult Deboned Food (chicken and oatmeal).
  7. Diamond Natural All Life Stages (formulated for the dry diet food).
  8. Nulo Freestyle Grain Free Food (Salmon and Peas Dry Dog Food).

1. Crave Premium Adult Chicken

  • Crave  premium food is formulated with real ingredients which contain high quality animal protein from chicken and also contains vitamins, minerals and other nutrients.
  • Grain-free food with Sharp taste and velvety texture,which contains only natural ingredients and does not contain corn, wheat artificial flavors and preservatives.
  • Provides complete energy to the dog and gives supportive muscles strength, strong joints and teeth.
  • Best Appetite and satisfies a dog’s desire towards eating healthy food.

2. Bully Max High Performance

  • Bully Max helps for increasing muscle strength, weight and their body size.  from this food your dog will get a raise in their immune system.
  • Excellent for proper bone nourishment and also to raise tendon strength. so this helps for improving the overall health of the dog, by improving digestion and helps in brain development with proper nervous system functions.
  • Carbo-loading diet with flavourfulness taste and is suitable for all breeds of dogs and also for both males and  females including puppies and adult dogs. 

3. Annamaet Ultra (32% dry dog food)

  • Annamaet is especially formulated for very active Dogs and puppies, and is best recommended by the veterinary doctors for all breeds of dogs. 
  • An ultra energy dense product with divine nature which contains higher amounts of proteins, fats and carbohydrates which are suitable for a balanced diet, improves cardiovascular functions and provides palatable taste with intense flavors.
  • Annamaet Ultra is formulated as antibiotic free, so this provides complete resistance to all kinds of diseases, allergies and other infections to the dogs and also for cats. 

4. Orijen Tundra Grain-Free Dog Food

  • An appropriate food with high energy levels which can be consumed by all the life stages of dogs, dry and a crispy textured food with sharp taste.
  • Rich in nutrients, contains rich nourishing proteins and limited percent of low glycemic carbohydrates, helps to nourish velvety skin and provide a healthy coat.
  • Formulated by the Canada nutritionists for all breeds of dogs to support them for maintaining strong  muscles strength, strong bones and joints, and to improve the immune system without getting affected by any diseases.

5. Taste of the Wild (wild wetlands dry dog food)

  • Taste of Wild is rich in natural fiber which helps the dog to stay active all the time and to maintain Optimum fiber content in its body.
  • Especially formulated as benign with natural ingredients including rich content of 60% proteins, 15% fats, 32% carbohydrates for the dogs who are suffering from certain diseases like allergies, infections, It is prevention oriented and  helps them to recover from diseases and to stay fit.
  • Dogs love to eat this food and they become habitual to this food once they taste is a perfectly fair diet for bullies and gives definition to your dog days.

6. Wellness complete Health Adult Deboned Food (chicken and oatmeal)

  • Wellness complete health provides a whole body nutritional support to the dogs and is best recommended by the veterinary doctors especially for the bullies.
  • Rich in Omega fatty acid, antioxidants, glucosamine which helps for maintaining a proper immune system along with strong muscle strength, strong teeth and bones.
  • Carbo-loading diet which helps to maintain the energy and to have a good cardiac systole and diastole rhythms.

7. Diamond Natural All Life Stages (formulated for the dry diet food)

  • Helps to maintain ideal body conditions and is suitable for adults.
  • One of the best foods recommended by the veterinary doctors for the  bullies to have appropriate weight, muscle strength, strong bones, joints and teeth.
  • Suitable for pregnant or nursing adult Dogs,  because it is blended with guaranteed levels of zinc, selenium, and vitamin E in it. The proteins, fats and carbohydrates present in these foods provide your dog energy to  stay strong and appetizing.

8. Nulo Freestyle Grain Free Food (Salmon and Peas Dry Dog Food)

  • Formulated with 80% of animal based proteins and also contains low glycemic ingredients,  vitamin B6,  proteins,  calcium and phosphorus.
  • The amino acids used in these foods help to have a healthy heart, good muscle mass and support for energy production, and improves cardiac activity to stay active all the time. 
  • Dogs are getting the best nutrition that  they deserve through this food,  which is also one of the best Toothsome Ness foods recommended by Veterinary nutritionists for the bullies.

Availability Of Nutrients

High quality nutrients are available in many ingredients that are used by these brands while formulating the dog’s food.  Rich nutrients help to maintain a good digestive system and to improve the immune system to be  resistant from certain fungal infections,  diseases and allergies.

To keep your dog allergy free,  always try to feed them with high quality nutrient food,  this also helps them to have a strong mental health and physical health.


Many dog foods are available in the local market, but as the owner of our beloved breeds it is our responsibility to select a proper balanced diet for our dogs. I recommend selecting the food which is suitable for your dog’s breed, their nature, their weight, and their health. Give your dogs the specific food that they deserve to eat and always make sure to feed them healthy food so that¬† they stay fit and active day long.

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