Hey guys! Finding a dog enclosure that fits your needs and that your dog will enjoy spending time is essential; not only for crate training but also for giving your buddy a safe space of their own.

There are multiple options to choose from; steel crates, large outdoor dog kennels and runs, wooden dog houses, portable pens, and more, and it can be tricky to find quality products on a market where everyone seems to want their share of clients.

In this article, we’re going to look at the top five best dog kennels available on the market today.

We made this list based on our own opinion, research, and customer reviews.We’ve considered their quality, features, and values when narrowing down the best choices possible.

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So, here are the top five best dog kennels.The fifth product on our list is the Gelinzon Heavy Duty Dog Kennel.These large dog outdoor kennels have wheels so that you can easily move it around the yard if needed.

The wheels lock with a simple maneuver to prevent accidents, and its metal construction is durable enough to keep even the largest dogs in place.It also folds flat when not in use for practical storage.

The Gelinzon kennel features a bar coating that is non-toxic and safe for dogs that tend to chew on their kennels.It is rust and corrosion-resistant and it features one large door and a roof that opens for easy feeding.

The bottom has a removable plastic tray which makes cleaning about as simple as it can be, and your dog gets plenty of airflows thanks to the lack of solid walls.

Its pros are: * It comes with a removable bottom tray to help you catch fallen dog food, and clean wastes and dirt at the same time;* It has a locking caster design.Its 360-degree rotated casters help you move the crate anywhere and lock the wheels to keep it in place; and * It is easy to assemble.

All hardware components are included.However, this kennel does not have much space for your pup to move around.

The Gelinzon Heavy Duty dog kennel is simple, sturdy, and portable thanks to the wheels.This outdoor dog kennel for large dogs should be used when you need your dog securely enclosed.

Up next in fourth place is the ESK Collection Blue 45-inch Pet Playpen.This dog playpen is made with waterproof, durable 600d Oxford material.

It can be folded up for easy storage, and it has large breathable mesh windows and a door that opens and closes like the door of a tent.It comes in blue, red, black, and pink, You can use these large dog kennels outside or inside – or both, for small dogs and curious puppies, to stop them from getting into trouble.

Keep in mind though that you should always supervise your fur babies, as these are soft-sided dog enclosures.

Its pros are: * It has a removable bottom for easy cleaning;* It is simple to install; its 8-panel design allows easy setup and take-down; and* It provides a convenient space-saving design for easy storage.However, it does not have a roof to cover your pets from the sun.

The ESK Collection Blue playpen provides your puppies with a safe place to roam around.You can place this dog kennel outside for a short outdoor adventure – great for socialization– or keep it indoors as fun and secure playpen.

The third product on our list is the Tangkula Dog House Outdoor Wood Pet Kennel.An excellent and cozy home for big dogs, the Tangkula kennel is made for outdoors so your furry best friend will have an extended house.

It is made of wood and eco-friendly.This outdoor dog enclosure blends right in with any bushes, trees, or flowers you mayhave in your garden.Not only is the Tangkula kennel practical, but also great looking.

It offers your pup a warm and dry space thanks to its elevated design.It has a four-legged bottom to raise the dog house and prevent moisture and cold from penetrating from the ground.It also has a brown asphalt roof that keeps water from seeping in from above. Tangkula is the dog house your pets have always wanted, so they are ensured with comfortability even if you are not with them.

Its pros are: * It is easy to assemble.It comes with all the required accessories and tools.

You can quickly set it up using the easy-to-understand manual;* The dog house’s feet are adjustable so you don’t have to worry when you’re putting it on uneven ground; and * The feet are also made of plastic to prevent rot.

However, the doorway is rather narrow in relation to the size of the house so dogs carrying a bit more weight might have to squeeze themselves in or out.

If you want to keep your yard looking great, the Tangkula dog kennel will fit right in!Its wooden design makes it both a comfortable outdoor dog crate and a yard decoration, andit is sturdy and well-built enough to withstand bad weather.

Second on our list is the Lucky Dog Uptown Welded Wire Kennel.The sturdy wire construction of this outdoor dog kennel ensures the safety of your beloved fur buddies, no matter where you are!

You can put the Lucky Dog kennel in the yard for times when you can’t have your pets running around; or set it up at the beach, in the park, or when visiting friends or family.The Lucky Dog kennel is made of heavy-duty welded steel perfect for residential or professional use.

Its steel bars and wire mesh are welded before coating to prevent sharp edges from harming your pets.

It also offers good rust and corrosion protection.The kennel comes with a waterproof tarp to protect your dogs from both drizzle and sunshine.It has an added UV protection to prevent ripping, cracking, fading, or peeling so you can useit for years with no worry.

This kennel comes in small, medium, or large, depending on the size of your dog.It gives your pooch a safe space that is big enough to even fit a dog house.Its pros are: * It is simple to set up, even your kids can pitch in and help; and * It is easy to clean.

It has legs raised at 1.5 inches to make the enclosure easy to sweep and hose out to prevent dirt buildup.

However, the Lucky Dog’s assembly may become tricky, so make sure to properly read the manual before doing so to achieve the correct setup.The most significant attribute of this heavy-duty outdoor dog kennel is its size, as it is significantly bigger than many similar products.

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Finally, the top product on our list is the Advantek Pet Gazebo Outdoor Dog Kennel.This adorable outdoor dog kennel is perfect if your dogs hang out outside, but do nothave a dog run or a fenced-in yard.

It is an excellent companion for outings with family and friends, as you can bring it with you and set it up in a matter of minutes.The Advantek Pet Gazebo is made of 5-feet galvanized steel with an umbrella roof.

This reversible polyethylene cover is weather-resistant and guarantees sun protection for your dogs.The cover is also available in three sizes, and you can choose between two classy looking color options.

It is, without a doubt, the best dog kennel for outdoorsy families!This kennel is sturdy enough even for larger dogs.

You can also buy several large outdoor dog kennels and connect them, for your pup to have additional space to move around.

Its pros are: * It is easy to assemble; it only takes around30 minutes to set it up; * It provides plenty of room for your pets;and * It has three sizes to choose from so you can purchase the one that best fits your dog.

However, this one does not have the floor included, and it may be an issue for some dog owners.All in all, the Advantek Pet Gazebo outdoor dog kennel is perfect if you want to give your pooch the chance to move around in a safe enclosed space.And that completes our top five best dog kennels on the market.

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