Siberian huskies are the most loved and fluffiest dogs, huskies are more attractive and so they belong to the sled dog breed and are mostly used and found in polar regions of the world. The best part about husky breeds is they don’t get fatigued. Are very sociable and loves to enjoy being around people.

Siberian huskies are famous and talented because of their incredible sled pulling skills. Unique and famous dog breeds, and they are very much picky when it comes to the food they eat.

Best Food For Siberian Huskies

Some unique foods that are mostly recommended by the veterinary doctors only for the Siberian Huskies. Each food has special quality ingredients with special improvements in the immune system as well as for the health of huskies. 

Some foods are made for puppies for their better growth and development whereas some foods are formulated for adult huskies for their muscle strength and for their mental and physical improvements with a balanced diet.

If you want your huskies to be on a well balanced diet according to their age, then have a look at these foods.

  1. Taste of the wild – Pacific Stream Grain free dry puppy food.
  2. Taste of the wild – Sierra Mountain Canine Dry Dog Food (Roasted Lamb).
  3. Arden Grade Adult Dog food – Prestige.
  4. Orijen Large Breed Puppy Food.
  5. Farmina N&D Ocean Herring and Shrimps wet dog food.

I personally recommend you feed your huskies these foods according to their ages, and their need of adapting to the environment.

Do You Know What Are The Foods Harmful To Huskies

Here are a few things that cause harm to the huskies’ health along with their mental health. Some are the ingredients that we give to our pets in a raw form. Raw foods may create digestive problems in your huskies and also make them sleepy and not active in their life.

  1. Dark chocolates.
  2. Raw fish.
  3. Raw Lamb.
  4. Raw veggies (only few).
  5. Raw beef and chicken meals.
  6. Alcohol with high concentration.

Above things do not give a balanced diet to your huskies,do not contain all the required amount of nutrients, minerals and other types of healthy supplements. So it is best for your dogs and for your huskies to shift to nutritional food which gives all types of proteins, vitamins, minerals and other needed nutrients to improve the muscle strength, bone strength, and to improve the physical, mental strength of your huskies.

1. Taste of the wild – Pacific Stream Grain free dry puppy food

  • Taste of wild is highly recommended by the veterinary doctors for both the adult as well as puppy Huskies, blended with standard , rich minerals, 30% proteins, 14% fats, 40% carbohydrates.
  • A high quality food with grain free and it is available in a dry form which contains roasted meals and not in the raw form, enhancing immune and digestive system.
  • Always choose the best quality food for your Huskies.and always consider the doctor’s recommended food to improve their Fur and to prevent them from other infections and allergies.

2. Taste of the wild – Sierra Mountain Canine Dry Dog Food (Roasted Lamb)

  • Sierra Mountain is exclusively formulated for Siberian Huskies by the veterinary doctors to improve their Mental Health and their physical health by enhancing muscle strength, strong joints, bones, teeth with good immunity and better digestive system.
  • High quality brand that provides high quality food for Huskies with rich ingredients.
  • Mainly formulated to improve the brain as well as eye development in Huskies along with their growth,by nourishing the velvety skin and giving a healthy coat.

3. Arden Grade Adult Dog food – Prestige

  • Arden grade adult dog food is mostly recommended to improve their weight and to give a balanced diet with rich ingredients and palatable taste.
  • Blended with antioxidants, nutrients, omega fatty acids, standard ratio of calcium and phosphorus for strong joints, bones.
  • If your dog is not willing to eat then this is the best brand to shift, once you shift on to this brand then you will notice changes in your dog like easy and regular stool movement, improved immune system and also reduces allergies with other foods and environment.

4. Orijen Large Breed Puppy Food

  • Orijen contains less fat and a standard amount of 15% proteins 12% fats,30% carbohydrates, calcium and phosphorus in a fixed ratio, and antioxidants for better digestion and enhances the immune system.
  • Blended with the most nutrient dense and with other meals like chicken,lumb, succulent parts of the prey that gives nutrients to the dog, improving the eye vision and brain development.
  • Considered as the best brand because it is best in proteins and also prepaid in a dry form.

5. Farmina N&D Ocean Herring and Shrimps wet dog food

  • Farmina is a complete wet food which exclusively satisfies the nutritional requirements for huskies.
  • Blended with a high quality of meat, 40% proteins, 16% fats, 30% carbohydrates,containing no artificial preservatives.
  • Best part about this food is it is stored in recyclable cans, because of this the food won’t get damaged or spoiled by storing for a longer period.
  • Complete meal which does not contain any vegetables in it and it is high in vitamin D, minerals and also a rich source of Omega 3 fatty acids along with antioxidants that nourishes skin, enhances immunity and digestive system by improving brain development.

Above mentioned Foods are cost effective and are made with more nutrients.Are must try Foods for your Huskies.Improve your Huskies health and make them fit and fine  with standard balanced diet. Can be given according to your Huskies needs and based on their ages. I personally suggest trying these foods for your Huskies. 

Homemade Vs Packed Readymade Food For Huskies

Homemade food for dogs does not contain the required amount of nutrients and proteins in it.

Usually homemade food for dogs is not satisfactory because some foods are in raw form and some foods are overcooked and served to your dogs. This May create digestive disturbance in Huskies.

Packed food for dogs may contain all  required amounts of carbohydrates, fats and proteins and as this is prepared in a bulk amount in Laboratories,every check is performed for these Foods.


As an animal lover, I can suggest you to have and to feed your puppies and dogs with high quality protein, nutritional food. Helps them to improve their muscle strength and to make them strong in all aspects. Also helps them to be away from all types of infections and allergies by consuming high nutritional food, and builds their immunity power to have resistance towards certain diseases.

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