Have you found your puppy very fond to chew your shoes, sofa corners, clothes, and other valuables?

Do you want to protect your possession but meantime wants to introduce a substitution with the safe and healthy matter.

This problem will burst out at the time of your puppy’s teething. You can’t control them from chewing and also chewing at the time of teething is good for their teeth. In the way, chewing soothe their pain which occurs while their sprouting teeth.

Chewing assists to keep a good mental state by releasing two major neurotransmitters such as serotonin and dopamine keeps them active and strengthen their jaw muscle.

Bully sticks are the best chewing thing which is munch and crunchy. We have justified this is why.

What is the role of bully sticks in my puppy’s growth?

Bully sticks are healthy things to satisfy your puppy’s gnawing hunger. This can be easily broken down by your puppy’s digestive system with its palatable nature.

The actual component in this bully stick is a beef muscle that has a high-quality protein with less amount of fat.

Protein in this bully stick promotes your puppy’s healthy growth. These bully sticks are not a mere object to divert your puppy’s chewing need from your possession but the amino acids in this thing will support your puppy’s healthy growth including muscles, skin, fur, and brain.

Your puppy’s oral health is enhanced by the bully stick. The shiny yellow layer over your puppy’s tooth is known as bio-film if it is not removed at the time it will result in a plaque.

By chewing this bully stick not only help your puppy’s healthy teeth development but also remove this bio-film.

Removing this bio-film not only prevents plaque but also other mouth problems including gum disease.

Hence, chewing enhances saliva’s secretion, which contains a rich number of lysozyme a natural barrier from invasive pathogens.

How to select the right size bully stick for my puppy?

The long-lasting bully sticks are a great choice to treat your puppy’s chewing hunger. None like other chewing sticks, bully sticks are baked under extreme temperature, later hung to dry, making them fine, and tough. There are different sizes of bully sticks which you can select for your puppy’s requirement.

The actual size of the bully stick varies from 6-inch to 12-inch length, with ranging thickness from a small 10millimeters to a large 22millimeters or extra.

Keep in mind that excess feeding can cause stomach upset so, pick the right size bully stick for your puppy’s weight requirement.

Plus, a small bully stick for a big size dog will not only minimize the time of engagement but also there for chances of some unfortunate events such as a small, un-chewed, solid stick can suffocate your dog and may result in intestinal obstruction.

Start with a small bully stick for your little puppy and later increase the size of the stick eventually your puppy’s increasing body growth.

Think about your puppy’s chewing capacity. If your puppy is a tough chewer then consider the big one from its size.

Should I want to consider my puppy’s calorie intake?

For healthy body weight, you should record your puppy’s calorie intake. The thick bully stick has a dense range of high calories.

You should reduce other snacks on the day of the bully stick. If you practice this planned calorie diet your puppy’s healthy growth will be maintained without any specific concern.

If you don’t want your puppy to gain excess weight from the exciding calories, you can give the bully stick twice in a week because each typical 6-inch stick will consist of 54 calories.

If you have no other choice but to give the bully stick, then you can take the stick before it is entirely consumed by your puppy.

Are all the bully sticks baked by the same?

No, not all the bully sticks are cooked in the same way. If you find “no odor” on the label, then this stick may contain a chemical that is used to suppress the meaty smell.

Or if you catch “low odor” on the label of the bully stick is the best choice because they have been smoked or baked while the drying process.

Some best bully sticks come with puppy’s tummy-friendly, they are high-quality, premium bully sticks are the ones subjected to high temperature while the drying process.

This method will remove the harmful bacteria from the bully stick.

What is the safe way to give the bully stick?

Consider using safety devices, like Bully Buddy, while giving the bully stick to your puppy. Teething puppies are active chewers and can finish the bully stick easily.

The last part of the stick is the most dangerous thing with one or a couple of inches which can go inside your puppy’s food pipe without chewing and can be a possible threat for your puppy by suffocating.

You can think that most bully sticks are 100% digestible so why it can be a problem for your puppy.

The final tiny part of your puppy’s bully stick can probably be a threat for them. The Bully Buddy is a safe holder that will let your puppy enjoy the delicious bully stick for a while until it safely goes inside your puppy’s digestive system.

This will prevent you from panicking over the chewing time of your puppy.


Bully stick’s single ingredient is much palatable and fun for your puppy. None like others, the bully stick doesn’t splinter and promote your puppy’s healthy tooth growth.

More than anything, a bully stick will last for a long time; this will engage your active companion and satisfy its gnawing hunger. If your puppy is a quick chewer then, you can consider a braided bully stick.

Has your puppy taken a long while to chew one stick? Then consider a straight bully stick. What do you dare your dog?

Then consider shaped bully sticks like rings. The bully stick will keep them active and enthusiastic from the beginning till the end. The bully stick not just long last on your puppy’s gnawing but, the well-preserved bully sticks will last up to 3 years.

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