On rare occasions baby wipes are okay for dogs but, factually speaking they are not. Don’t make it a routine thing for your dog. Common baby wipes are free of elements and meant for gentle skin but you cannot expect the same for all.

You might wonder if you know some truths, which include that dog’s skin is more sensitive than human babies. Some baby wipes are formulated as antibacterial, which may cause some nuisance while it is used on a dog’s skin. 

Every dog is unique, hence, has a different response for an object or thing. Dogs like licking their body without any reason, if you use any fragrance-included wipes over them, your dog will lick it. Hence, it stands behind a problem.  

The important thing you should be concerned about is the area around and inside their eyes. Some baby wipes have soaps that might harm your pet. Read the details and description given about the product before using it. We recommend you read further to know the things you should know for your pet’s care and safety. 

 Pet wipes are the best choice than baby wipes?

Both baby wipe and dog wipe are used for common things but with different compositions. The disposable pet wipes are exclusively designed for your furry mate. You can use it for,

  • To clean the dirt, it gets after spending its time outside your home.
  • To clean their dirty paws and claws.
  • The rear areas where it cannot clean itself like the area behind their ears.

The pet wipes are none like baby wipes made out of alcohol-free, fragrance-free, and other harmful things which you can find in common baby wipes.

Plus baby wipes contain moisturizer and essential oils, which might be too risky for use on your dog. The risk might be itching, irritation, scratching, pawing their own fur to relieve the discomfort after using the baby wipes.

The above reasons are the reason behind its higher price than baby wipes. 

What is special in pet wipes?

Pet wipes maintain the pH level

The possible side effect of using baby wipes very often will alter your dog’s natural skin pH level. This results in your dog’s skin going dry, itchy, and prone to infection. The worst part is after these things your dog will lick and bite those areas which makes it even worse for them. 

Different ingredients

Baby wipes are meant for human babies but not for pets. You might know that some of our favorite foods are not good for your pet, likewise, some ingested compounds in your baby wipe may not be favorable for your pet. 

Some of the important ingredients in your baby wipe may cause harmful effects if it is used on your dog.

Polysorbate-20, Butoxy PEG-4 PG-Amodimethicone, Phenoxyethanol, and other preservatives

The above-listed compounds are subjected to ethylene oxide to subdue their harsh chemical effects. The unfortunate thing is ethylene oxide is a well-known carcinogen, which is an inducer of cancer. Still, the combined product’s by-product, 1,4-dioxane is another carcinogen.  

Propylene glycol

Propylene glycol is able to maintain moisture on a subject. If it is highly ingested into your dog’s system it will affect the Central Nervous System. Also, a higher concentration of Propylene glycol is poison to your pets.

Pet wipes are the safe option

Pet wipes are safe on your pet’s fur and skin. The inclusive ingredients are safe and harmless like other wipes. Even regular usage doesn’t cause irritation and will maintain the natural pH level.  You can purchase hypoallergenic wipes if your dog has allergic-prone skin or sensitive skin

A clean cloth soaked in dog shampoo

The best and safest way to clean your dog without using baby wipes or wet wipes is using a clean cotton cloth soaked in a premium quality dog shampoo. Once cleaning your dog with a dog shampoo, wipe the area with fresh water to remove the chemical residues of the shampoo.

You can make your own pet wipes with a clean cotton cloth. In this way, you are less stressed and free of allergic and infectious fear. 

Even though you have no other option than a baby wipe at an emergency period then, there you can use the baby wipes to clean your dog but with some exceptions. They are:

While cleaning their ears, you should be more careful. Don’t rub too hard and avoid going near their ear canal.

Maximum avoid using baby wipes to clean your dog’s eyes because they might have some harsh chemicals, moisturizers, and fragrances which can result in any bad reaction. 

You can use wet wipes to clean your dog’s paw if only it has a “pet safe” indication mentioned on its label. Make sure you use it only when it requires the most and later use water to rinse off the leftover residues.

You can use baby wipes or wet wipe to clean your dog’s face because it can’t self clean it hence, there will be less chance for ingestion of chemical residues from the wipes into your dog’s system but, except the area around the eyes and as much as possible are where it can lick.

It is so uncommon but still, avoid using wipes afterbirth from a dog. Similarly, you shouldn’t use baby wipes or wet wipes to clean the newborn.

Some pets are unable to lick their rear end; they need your assistance to clean those areas. You can use some baby wipes or wet wipes without fragrance, moisture content, and essential oil.

Be sure you are not too harsh while cleaning your dog. Don’t rush yourself; this might agitate your dog. So move as much as gently you can be over them. 


If you don’t want to suffer anything from baby wipes or wet wipes, still want to keep them clean? You can better purchase pet wipes. Before buying the product make sure you read the label and it is absolutely fine to use for your pet without any harsh chemicals and other allergic compounds.

Finally, giving a fresh bath to your pet after every dirty day is a better choice than every other option. Keep one thing on your mind: you are only using harsh chemicals-free products for your pet.

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