Who won’t adore the cute little Golden retriever puppy? Of course, everyone would do but, not everyone can properly maintain them, more importantly well train them.

Are you thinking about having a golden retriever puppy as your everyday best companion but fearing over the mess they will create within a few minutes they entered into your place?

But the heartbreaking thing is leaving them halfway after a week or couple because of their urination at a random spot.

Every dog is different and so is your golden pal. Start to train them as you would do to your newborn one. Early training will be a much effective and best choice than later. But, how do know when is the right time?

In this article, we are about to share some of the best ways to train your Golden retriever.

Basic Training Methods

Practice rewarding method

Whenever you found your dog doing something good reward them instantly. If any of its activities please you reward it if don’t and stay compatible. Follow the below steps to get a better outcome.

Reward – Rewarding is an easy and effective method. Praise them while it acts friendly with others and reward them not only when you train them but, whenever you found them practicing any good behavior.

Not reward – Whenever you found them doing something negative like you don’t like any of their actions then, don’t reward them or take back the reward you gave to them.

Be constant – Don’t confuse them like if you practice them to eat on their plate but not stand above the dining table while you or your family members eating their food.

Whenever some of your family members afford their leftover food from their plate, it will confuse them with which way to follow. So be sure with the way you want them to follow, don’t confuse them with constant changes.

Give your Golden retriever their favorite thing after every good response

Whatever the behavior you want them to practice, choose their favorite thing to reward them if they practice it.

How best is the reward hence the result will be better. If your puppy loves any chewing object, you can give them the best and safe chewing toy to reward them.

Make sure the reward is safe and healthy for your puppy. The healthy rewards include Carrots or beans, dog biscuits, meat rolls, cooked chicken, and string cheese sticks.

Use a clicker to train your Golden retriever

A unique sound object that will be used to let your puppy know that they have done a good thing, is known as clicker training. None like your voice the sound of this object is very distinct and attracts your puppy whenever the sound hears.

How to practice the clicker training?

When it is time to reward your puppy, keep the clicker on your hand and your puppy’s reward on other hand.

Click the clicker and show its reward but don’t give it the first time. Repeat the sound, your puppy will come once it hears the clicker, and now, hand over the reward to them. Repeat this method whenever it is time to reward them.

Golden retriever training has to be more specific and quick

Make sure you only teach one thing at a time and reward your puppy for that certain act but don’t be hast and multiple acts at a time because it might confuse your puppy to get them which is right and what way to follow them will get them a reward.

You should be determined what you want to get them from your training
Everyone likes to train their Golden retriever as soon as possible by themselves. You need to start the basic training from obedience teaching like sit, stand, still, come, down, go, and leave it.

What is all the Basic Obedience Training for Golden Retriever?

Determine what you want your Golden Retriever to be like.

You have to train your dog to respond to your either verbal or sign comments is the major point in this basic obedience training. They are like sit, stand, stay, leave it, stop, jump, shake, rollover, and bark.

Give reward to make this training very effective.

How to train the Golden Retriever to practice multiple procedures?

You should follow the below steps to make your puppy practice multiple procedures for one act like sit Your dog has to respond to your command at any cost so you should train them likewise.

Keep your dog’s reward in your hand; let your dog smell it, take your hand upward and then behind its head, say ”sit”, your dog will sit eventually. Give the reward to it to appreciate its act along with saying “yes” to acknowledge its act.

Now do the same procedure but without having the reward. Repeat it after standing a little far from your dog. And repeat the procedure now without saying sit but, hand gesturing them to sit.

Once again repeat the preliminary procedure without a sign but saying sit. After all these procedures if your dog performs well, then only you can hand over its reward, if not correct them by neglecting their act by saying “no” and repeating the procedure from the scratch.

How to train the Golden Retriever to link words?

Let your puppy wander on its own but whenever you see them what you want to repeat them like sit or stand, say the act out louder, and give them its reward, it will eventually do all the possible acts to get the reward again if you find them repeating any act that you want them to perform, say the act out louder like “sit” and give its reward.

This practice will make your puppy link the words “sit and reward” together and once it hears that word, it will respond correctly.

Time for House-Training Golden Retriever

When I should train my Golden Retriever?

Start on the first day when you brought your new companion into your house. Take it around your house and let them know where to excrete, if it follows rightly, gives the treat to recognize the place and praise.

Take it to that exact spot for every 20 minutes minimum, and if your puppy responds rightly, give its reward again. Make sure you take it for loo once after its feeding time is over.

Why should I want to be consistent when giving a house-training for my Golden Retriever?

You have to be still, calm, and happy around your little puppy while giving its early house training. If you happened to scare them, then it will not only scare your puppy but also make it tougher to learn them. So be gentle and positive while at the early period of the house training.

Why I should maintain the scheduled feeding method?

Make sure you are feeding your puppy at regular timing because this will regulate its healthy and on-time loo period. Also, avoid snacks in between the meals.

What is the reason behind regular outside walks while giving house training for every Golden Retriever?

Regularities will make things on time. You should take your young puppy outside at least twice an hour, one is in the early morning and the other is after its meal and nap time.

This will keep them in a healthy body shape and active for life, with proper loo timing. They will start to learn everything without a struggle if you handle them with care and positive nature. Assure them that you are always around and don’t let them fear being dead alone at any time.

Look for any unusual signs

If you find anything abnormal like sniffing around, pacing, circling, whining, or leaving the room, take it instantly to its loo spot.

Don’t go mad with accidents

If unknowingly your puppy excretes inside your house, don’t scare them but just attract its attention by a clap or any sound and start to run outside and encourage them to follow you. Once your puppy follows this give them any treat to correct its mistake.

How to train the Golden Retriever to be inside the carte?

A crate is the best method to keep your puppy and your possession safe for a while but don’t let your puppy be there for a prolonged period because this will be a punishment if it is.

Keep all the favorite things of your puppy inside its crate so it will be a fun and happy place for them. Treat them if it enters itself inside when you regulate it or command it. If you find it sleeping in its grate then you can be sure that it loves the place.


The right way to train every Golden retriever requires a few important things they are, verbal and sign comments, being patient and positive, determined and specific, being consistent, and rewarding after each accomplishment.

For every all your satisfaction you should assure your little puppy that you are their caretaker but not a punisher. Spend a lot more time of time other than the training period. Encourage your little puppy to do all the things example fetching, crate time, and feeding method. Make sure your puppy enjoys everything you want it to practice.

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