Does your pup lose its weight in spite of a comfortable home and selected dog food? It might be due to many causes, some of them are loss of appetite, your dog becoming picky, or any health issue.

There are many reasons that can stand behind this issue but, what is the treatment to cure this problem? All you have to do is buy anyone from the following dog foods which will help your pup to gain weight and also maintain good health. 

1. Purina pro plan sport dog food

Purina is not specifically formulated for weight gaining purposes still packed with high calories it will definitely help your pup to gain a healthy weight.

It will strengthen your pup’s muscle by 30 percent necessary protein with 20 percent essential fat.

Plus it has antioxidants that promise to develop the immune system of your pup. The advantage of this product is it comes with the tastiest flavor and at a comparatively affordable price. Each bowl will have approximately 475 calories. The good point about it is, it is packed with naturally obtained glucosamine.

If your dog enjoys a chicken feast, it is yours because the main and major ingredient is chicken. Additionally, you no need to worry about artificial flavoring, colors, and preservatives, because it is free of these things. 

Ingredients: Chicken, fish oil, beef fat, poultry by-product meal, Brewer’s rice, and corn gluten meal.


  • Cost efficient
  • Recommended for healthy dog weight gain
  • Strengthen your pup’s muscle
  • Most dogs like its taste
  •  Contain various proteins from different source


  • It is not recommended for healthy digestion
  • Its calorie range is slightly low from other products.

2. Bully max high performance super premium dog food

The bully max high performance super premium dog food will quench your dog’s fatigue. It is a complete food with high protein which is essential for your pup’s healthy body weight gain. Each bowl will have approximately 535 calories. In that 33 percent is protein and 22 percent fat.

For your attention it has no fillers like corn, wheat, or soy. The main ingredient is chicken hence; there will be no more food wastage. It contains fish oil and so Omega-6 and 3 fatty acids.

The contents have enough nutrients to result in the maximum outcome. The grains in it promise a healthy digestive system and their formula helps your puppy’s weight gain without taking a prolonged period for result expression. It is best for pup’s who are suffering from malnourishment.

Ingredients: Chicken meal, chicken fat, brown rice, fish oil, and dried plain beetroot pulp.


  • Massive protein supplement
  • Other than protein it is rich with vitamins, fats, amino acids, omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, minerals, and antioxidants.


  • Most expensive

3. Elite K9 maximum bully all stages dog food 

The Elite K9 maximum bully all stages dog food is packed with chicken and pork. It is formulated for a dog’s healthy protein gain through tasty food. Each bowl has approximately 481 calories.

The maximum ingredients come from natural sources to improve the nutritional requirement. It comes with 32 percent protein and 22 percent fat.  

Ingredients: Chicken meal, pork meal, chicken fat, white rice, whole barley, and so on.


  • Reasonable price
  • It contains a minimum amount of carbohydrate and maximum amount of protein.
  • Dogs love its meaty taste 


  • It has a lot and some vomit it due to this. 

4. Nature’s logic dry dog food 

Nature’s logic is that dry dog food comes with the chicken flavor. It has a lot of essential nutrients with premium quality ingredients. The food has an additional enzyme coat which will help your dog’s healthy digestion system and also increase the healthy body weight.

Each bowl has approximately 551 calories. The digestion will be no more problematic with fermented Probiotic products which will ease the digestion. For your concern, it is free of artificial vitamins and minerals. 

Ingredients:  Chicken meal, chicken fat, millet, pumpkin seed, cultured yeast, and so on. 


  • It is gluten-free
  • It contains fruits, vegetables, and seeds. Hence there will be no lack of vitamins and minerals.


  • It is not recommended for dogs which are allergic to poultry products.
  • The product can be a bit premium quality as its high priced tag.

5. Crave grain free dog food 

The Crave grain free dog food is a complete protein packed food that will improve the body mass of your dog without disappointing you. Do you want a high calorie food for you pup? Then consider this.

The major ingredient is Salmon fish. Additionally, it contains various meats but aside from that, it has high protein vegetables.

It comes with 34 percent protein and 17 percent fat. Its good taste will definitely enhance your pup’s appetite. It is free of grains but still recommended for dogs with sensitive digestive systems, and suitable for all breeds and sizes. 

Ingredients: Salmon, chicken meal, chicken fat, split peas, chickpeas, pork meals, and so on.


  • Free of additives, artificial flavors, colours, and preservatives.
  • Suitable for all dogs
  • Smells good with delicious taste


  • At the initial period some dogs showed indigestion problems.
  • Comparatively it gives fewer calories for a bowl. 
  • How to identify if your dog is losing weight?
  • Poor eating habit because of loss of appetite
  • Inactive
  • Dull and weak appearance
  • Looks depressed 
  • Lack its shine
  • Apparent rib cage, hip, and shoulder

Above reasons are not just the signs of weight loss but also an indication of any severe problems. There should be some reason behind these visible things that require attention.

Why should you be concerned about your dog’s weight loss?

Weight loss is a sign but not a disease. There are many reasons that will cause your dog to endure weight loss and also there are many ways to get rid of this issue and increase healthy weight gain.

What might be the reason behind this issue? Let’s have a look over them, read further to know them.

There are many reasons behind your dog’s lack of weight from the average. They are,

  • Dental illness
  • Problematic liver
  • Problematic thyroid
  • Anxiety
  • Surgery
  • Parasites at intestine
  • Diabetes
  • Inflammatory Bowel Disease
  • Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency 


Overweight gain may result in obesity but overweight loss will be fatal. Just like humans, dogs also require an average weight. You must assist your dog to get a healthy weight gain.

There are some ways to improve healthy weight gain. They are, increase the feeding time but not the amount of feed per meal, picking a dog feed with rich nutrients and calories, and choose protein feed, selecting healthy weight gain dog food, also provide homemade weight gain foods. Along with these things always avoids food additives, artificial flavoring, and colours, or preservatives.

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