When you walk into a pet store there are literally hundreds of toys options for you out there and it can be overwhelming when it comes to selecting the right toy for your dog so in this article we are reviewing all dog toys category and explain the purpose of each one and how to use them before we start i want to share that this article idea is coming from Dan hey Dan if you’re watching here is the article you have been asking for he asked can you make a article about toys and which are the correct ones and all the different types so that is exactly what we are going to do today all categories mentioned are also listed down in the description box with a time stamp so head down there and check out all the categories you are looking for without further ado let’s get right to it chewing toys this is an essential category for your dog especially if you have a puppy who is going through teething stage even for grown-up dogs by providing real bone or dentistry will improve the teeth hygiene and prevent plague buildup on your dog’s teeth chewing toys are durable and designed for your dog to chew on when selecting the toys pick the size that is right for your fur friend if a bone is too small it can have choking risk if a bone is too big it will be challenging for your dog to chew chewing toys are fun and also great tools to use to redirect your dog whenever he bites on things he should not have with most bones although they should be in general very safe you should still be around to monitor your dog while he chews on bones or toys i have a few recommendations jimmy use and the link is listed in the description box below if you want to check them out fetch toys yes play fetch with your dog is a great way to build bond and interact with him while some dogs will instinctively retrieve the ball back to you others might take some training and encouragement to bring the ball back in order for you to continue to play fetch with him fetch toys are interactive fun and exciting for your dog because your dog loves to interact with you it is also great for training ask your dog to perform a few comments before you throw the ball each time and don’t forget the eye contact always ask your dog to look at you before you throw that ball have a tree handy and encourage him every time he brings the ball back to increase the chance of him bringing the ball back more often in the future when selecting the fetch ball pick the one that is not too big so your dog is able to grab it but also not too small if the toy is too small your dog could accidentally swallow the ball and choked this same concept applies to all toys you always want to make sure you pick the right size of toys for safety squeaky toys squeaky toys are those that make sound when your dog bites it jimmy is obsessed with squeaky toys squeaky toys can also be used as interactive toys like the fetch toys to play and toss it with your dog squeaky toys can be very exciting for your dog because it makes sound and that mimic sometimes real animal sound so for your dog it can feel like he catches a real animal most of the squeaky toys are made from soft texture like a cloth texture and typically they don’t last long you should always keep an eye on your dog if he’s playing with cloth texture squeaky toys and remove it once playtime is over supervise all the time while he plays with squeaky toys to prevent him from accidentally swallow a piece of cloth or if there’s anything in the filling you don’t want your dog to eat it most of our squeaky toys are missing all limbs because jimmy simply just chew them through i still buy them because sometimes the design is just too cute to not buy but keep in mind those toys don’t last long interactive toys tugging toys interactive toys listing here is specifically for those rope types of toys where you play tug of war with your dog similar with squeaky toys this can be very exciting game for your dog to interact and play with you those toys from my experience also don’t last long because the rope will start peeling after any intense session but this is again a very fun and exciting game for your fur friend self-entertain toys those are the toys where your dog is able to play on its own this is one of my favorite because those toys will keep your dog entertained and also challenge its doggle brain to exercise off the excess energy he has kong toy fits into this category and this is one of the toy we had since jimmy was a puppy and we still use it up till today it is very versatile you literally can hide anything within it in summer time you can put yogurt or peanut butter in the kong and let your dog slowly lick it he loves it you can use kong as fetch toy to make it interactive as well and no there’s no sponsor or anything from home company if kong company you’re watching you seriously should reach out because i think i’m recommending your product quite a bit iq challenge toys a lot of those will be suitable for more grown-up dogs those are specifically designed for dogs to solve a puzzle in order to get the reward that’s hide in it with iq game you well need to supervise and monitor your dog at all time when he plays with it because he can get all frustrated and trying to bite through everything you need to intervene and guide him how to play and encourage him whenever he solves a puzzle there are many different levels and i do have a series of playlists about jimmy playing with puzzle games i will also include the product we use in the description box below if you want to check them out what is the best way okay so we have discussed many different types of dog toys and how to use them what is the best toy for me when i select jimmy’s toy i like to pick the ones that have at least two different functions for example a fetch ball that not only can use for fetch but also makes squeaky sound kong is always a versatile toy to use as well you can hide treat and let your dog hunt for it or when there is no treat you can use it to play fetch or make it more interactive chewing toys and bones i would say they are absolutely necessary for your dog especially if you got a chewer at home and especially if you have a shiba inu who gets bored easy so what is the best toy i would say any toys can be the best toy for your dog if you make it fun for him to engage and to interact with you

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