Did your lady dog give birth recently? For the first few weeks, It will nourish all its babies without doubt but you will soon find out that it gets skinny and painful while and after feeding.

This is due to lacking symptoms of nutrients and lactation and also by the wound caused by the puppies’ newly emerging teeth.

Here you should start to feed the puppies but have you been wondering what to feed them?

The answer is simple, feed them homemade mush which is soft for the young ones to chew and easy to get inside for ADME (Absorption, Distribution, Metabolism, and Excretion). 

In this article, we are about to share information on how to make puppy mush without putting in much effort.

Why should I consider puppy mush?

This distinct puppy food is an effective way to transform it from liquid food to solid food. The semisolid form of puppy mush lets your puppy endure the chewing feel before swallowing this soft food which is also easy for them to swallow.  

What is puppy mush truly?

In simple terms “puppy mush” is then ground and liquefied kibbles either by universal solvent (water) or milk. It is also known as puppy gruel. It is the simple puppy food that helps your little puppy to require every nutrient from a soft and simple food. 

Will puppy mush cost more or does it require any equipment to make?

Puppy mush making is a simple process and inexpensive. It doesn’t require any equipment but your dedication.

How to prepare puppy mush for an early starter?

For the first-time feeders, add maximum milk to match with milk’s consistency. This will make your new beginners easily feed over them. Make sure the food is liquid as compared with milk and need to be gentle.

Later, you can increase the solid nature of the puppy and eventually your puppy’s growing time.

The main goal is to teach the young one how to chew its food. It might look simple but it requires a lot of time for it to learn how to properly chew the food without swallowing unchewed or half-chewed.

What is the right time to start feeding Puppy Mush?

It is based on its mother’s health and habits. Watch carefully, if you find any signs from the mother like skinning, pushing away the puppy, and not being willing to feed them. It might happen once after three to four weeks after the birth.

You should start then to feed your puppy with puppy mush. At the early stage, it will avoid or hardly touch the mush but later it will start to feed over the mush. It would maximum take eight to nine weeks for them to adopt with the puppy mush.

How many times should I need to give Puppy Mush to my puppy?

You might wonder if your puppy eats more than its actual size. You should give puppy mush three to four times a day.

If your puppy is not feeding well, then split the mealtime and give it partial food at each meal. Crucially monitor its weight if it exceeds the right point, follow the split plan, or else get your puppy to a vet. 

Later a month or a couple of periods you need to reduce the mealtime into two for a day but not the amount of feed you are providing. This will be easier for them to cope with solid dog feeds.

How to prepare Puppy Mush?

There is one simple trick to selecting the right puppy mush from which kibbles. Pick what its mother feeds, because the food which the adult dog feeds will hinder its mother’s milk, so the milk would be influenced by the food that the adult dog ate.

Hence, the puppy mush prepared from those kibbles will attract your puppy with its smell and taste just by giving the false assumption that puppy mush is also its mother’s milk. 

What is the Easiest recipe for Puppy Mush?

The following ingredients are enough for 8 puppies.

  • Warm water
  • 2 cups of dry kibble
  • 12.5 ounces of puppy milk formula


Take a large size bowl or pan, add the dry kibble and formulated dog milk. Let the kibble absorb the milk and swell. It would take at least 10 minutes for them to complete the process.

Then you can blend the above mixture with the regular addition of water. Or you can just blend the mixture alone later you can add the water by using a fork to blend them all. All these steps only mind how soft the mush is because the softer it is, your puppy can feed over them without choking. Make sure the mush is soft and liquid just like the human baby cereal. 

Serve the mush in a pan which will be easy for your puppy to feed on and also you won’t bother to trash it if it is required. Check the mush comes to normal room temperature before letting your puppies feed over them. 

What other things can be added to the Puppy Mush?

To nourish your puppies and increase the taste of the mush, you can add meat and organs.

You can add them by simply boiling the meat and letting it cool before you mix it with the mush and blend it well to bind with the mush properly. This ingredient can be added before mixing the formulated milk in the mush.

Another extra ingredient that you can add to your puppy’s mush is goat milk. Goat milk is the better substitute for formulated milk. It has a high amount of protein which you can expect to support your puppy’s bone and healthy muscle development. Eventually, it will soften the dry kibble better than formulated dog milk.

How to introduce Puppy mush?

You can’t imagine how messy the area will be after your puppy starts to feed over the puppy mush. If you like, you can cover the area with old newspaper or other materials to coat the floor. 

You can’t expect your puppy to feed on its own for the first time you introduced it to its puppy mush. You have to feed them on your own. Like feeding the human baby, you have to take a little amount of mush on your finger and place it inside your puppy’s mouth. It might be difficult for you and so will your puppy. But both have no other way than this. You have to follow this method of feeding until your puppy starts to feed on the mush by itself.

Can I reuse or reheat the puppy mush?

You shouldn’t because puppy mush is a one-time feed. You can’t use it again even if it was untouched. Even covered, reheated, or refrigerated mush can have harmful bacteria, which can easily make your puppy sick of it. 


Little puppies will be naughty enough to mess it’s feeding spots and too wherever to go after the feeding time. Make sure you have taken the precautionary steps before letting it feed on its mush. You would have to be patient until your little puppy starts to feed on the actual dry kibble. 

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