In this article we are sharing three things you can do daily to keep your dog’s teeth clean so in the future you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars to visit a dog dentist for teeth problems if this is your first time here welcome to my channel where we share shiba inu training tips and tricks and also live wood dogs funny articles subscribe to get all the tips you need to raise a healthy happy dog all things mentioned are also listed in the description box below with time stamps so head down there and check out the section your most interested in without further ado let’s get right to it teeth brushing yes you should brush your dog’s teeth to remove any buildup on the teeth or gum there is no sad schedule about how often you should brush his teeth but based on the toothpaste we use it says we should brush our dog’s teeth three to four times a week to be totally transparent with you we have been brushing jimmy’s teeth only once a week and i have a calendar reminder to remind me whenever he’s due for a brushed teeth session when you brush your dog’s teeth first make sure you get dog specific toothpaste human’s toothpaste can be extremely dangerous for your dog the toothpaste we use has bacon flavor and jimmy loves it i will leave the product linked down below for your reference when you brush his teeth if it is your first time you can start by only brushing a section of the teeth first and let him take breaks before you resume the different areas in the mouth typically the area close to the gum tend to have more buildup so focus more on the area with visible stains to remove it make sure you brush both front and back of the teeth and prepare lots of treats and encouragement throughout the process to ensure he has a pleasant experience and will let you brush him next time jimmy actually doesn’t mind me brushing his teeth and he likes the toothpaste bacon flavor dental chew and bones chewing a dental chew or a real bone will not only keep your dog’s teeth clean but also keep him mentally stimulated chewing is a natural way for dogs to cling their teeth as the constant knowing scrapes plaque of teeth greenies is one of the product we used to use with jimmy the texture is both firm and flexible thorough mechanical chewing movement well allows the product to scrape and remove any plug and tartar that’s built up on the teeth although if you look at the greenish ingredients left there are a lot of artificial ingredients so do keep that in mind if you decide to use dental chew as part of the teeth cleaning routine always look at the ingredients list to make sure you know what you’re feeding your dog another more natural way to keep your dog’s teeth clean is simply provide him a raw bone preferably a large bone maybe from a cow raw big bone is actually soft inside and will not break or hurt your dog’s teeth but a cook bone can easily break or splinter that can be stuck in your dog’s mouth so opt to provide him raw big bones to chew in the wild dog eats its prey in hole including the bone and that keeps their teeth clean when providing the bowl you should supervise the chewing all the time and take the bone away after 10 to 15 minutes after chewing food selection what your dog eats daily will also impact its teeth health just like human if we eat drink lots of sweet carbonated drinks we will have more cavities because of excessive bacteria in the mouth same concept goes to dog’s teeth in general the idea is dry food is better for teeth hygiene than canned food if you give your dog high quality dry food along with raw bone and dental chew you should still brush his teeth regularly to remove plug or tartar build up on his teeth to keep the teeth clean just like human we brush our teeth twice a day but we still go see dentists twice a year for professional cleaning well at least we are supposed to forming a routine by selecting dry quality dog food provide him daily either dental or raw bone as self cleaning as well as brushes teeth couple times a week should help to maintain overall cleanliness and health of your fur friend’s teeth if you do have the budget you should absolutely take your dog to professional cleaning once a year in my area it will cost over 500 us dollars and that is just too much for us so we are trying our best by forming a good teeth cleaning routine for jimmy and hopefully he doesn’t develop any serious teeth issues until he gets older

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