Unfortunate events will happen without any sign of intimation. But you can take some precautionary steps beforehand.

Like that before leaving your puppy alone at home for the first time, you should give some training for them.

Are you anxious even to think about leaving your puppy alone at home? You can almost carry it wherever you go, but certain moments might come like work extension, night club, party, or any emergency calls.

For all these fortunate and unfortunate events you should be preplanned. None like your fear, your pup can wander your home freely without anxiety by training them likewise.

In this article, we are going to tell you some possible things to train your pup to be alone at home. 

Make a safe zone

Keep your pup engaged and safer by early introduction of crate or exercise pen. But you should keep one thing in mind that your pup has to be there for a little moment like an hour or a couple.

If it exceeds more than that it will not be a relaxing time for them but a punishing moment.

You can keep this as in their schedule but not more than a couple of hours. Train them there by keeping their favorite toys and food.

Don’t keep this confinement area too narrow, make sure it has enough space for relaxation even if you yourself can spend some time inside with them.

Once they are happy at going there, it is time for you to leave your dog safely at home but, it should not exceed more than the regular time.

Select the right sound

While leaving your dog alone at home, give them some soothing options like a heartbeat pillow or music player. This sound system will suppress the background noise which includes vehicle honk, and other outside disturbing sounds.

Scientists found that metallic sound will increase your dog’s anxiety and classical music will increase their nap time. So be a little more concerned while picking the right soundtrack for your lovely pet.

Reward them after each lone time

Start this method of practice at the early stage of your pup. While leaving them in a confined space even a single minute will be a lot more for your pup to surpass this feeling you should start this from one minute practice. After every minute of separation reward it by giving any chewing toy or feast. 

Don’t be too agitated

Your pup can sense your mood. So better don’t show any sign of agitation. If they find out anything amiss, they will surely get a panic moment while you are not around. Have you found out that your dog is crying after you return from outside? Give them proper alone time training and reduce the usual time in confinement.

Let it know when you are leaving it alone at home

Assist your pup to know the time you are leaving the home, by giving them the regular sign. Make sure you assure your pup that you are going away and will return within a few minutes or an hour. But notice if anything abnormal signs your dog shows while you are bidding goodbye to them. 

Make them tired before leaving home

Before going to a planned outing, take your pup out for a walk or make them do some exercise. These will definitely exhaust them so after finishing their walk or work out they will go for deep sleep. Then you can go out without stressing yourself and your pup.

Give them treat before leaving but not after return

If you find your dog is anxious while returning home assure it that it is safe with you by your gentle voice and caressing. Hereafter treat them before leaving your dog alone at home. Because if you practice giving them rewards every after returning to home, this will make your dog more anxious till your return.

Don’t melt for emotional things

It might be hurting but, don’t go near your pet while it starts to cry, howling, whining, or barking. Keep yourself till it is quiet and calm, go into them and reward them for being quiet and calm by your assuring voice and caressing. Don’t forget to reward them before leaving them alone at home. 

Think about doggie daycare

Are you planning a long trip? Consider them to drop at doggie daycare. Doggie day is the best place for socializing your dog and meeting their physical requirements. Never forget to do research before deciding on any doggie daycare. Consider the right location, with a neat and clean place, nearby your reach, either by your workstation or residential area.

Keep them active and engaged with a dog walker

Just like babysitters, you can hire a dog carer. Who will visit your home; hence your dog isn’t alone at home for a long period. It is the best choice if your dog is an antisocial type. This way you can improve your dog’s day by calling them in the middle of your dog’s lone time. The dog carer will take your dog for a walk, or to the toilet. They will treat your dog with care. 

Are you afraid of calling a dog sitter because of your dog’s antisocial behavior? Then better find that with whom your dog can be fine.

It might be your friend or neighbor. Ask them for their assistance by giving a routine visit and taking them out from their crate for walks or even toilet breaks. This will help your dog’s mood from going down.


After all, your dog shouldn’t be afraid of being alone at your home. They should enjoy the freedom they have in their alone time at home. Likewise, give them chewy toys, yummy foods. Train your dog with scheduled self-feeding time, which will avoid any health issues like overgrazing or lacking food.

There should be plenty of freshwater for the entire alone time in the crate. Assign any task that your pup loves to do before leaving them. Keep your puppy’s crate in a well-lit area. Plus you can install a camera for regular monitoring. By following the above-listed tips will help your pup to develop good manners while you are far away from them. 

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