what’s up guys there welcome back to another episode of super goober son. what do we have here buddy what’s all over this table. we just wentin that extra bedroom we went in your room that has like all your fan mail and everything and we open some boxes and weset up a bunch of new toys here look atthis even kotas excited everybody take amoment and listen what’s up guys andwelcome back to another episode of superCooper Sunday we’ve got a very excitingepisode this week so thank you guys forbeing here we’re going to be checkingout the top 10 dog toys that we found onAmazon so each of these toys has a fairnumber of reviews I think the smallestwe have is 70 you guys know like somethings on Amazon we’ll have like tworeviews and five stars so we didn’tcount that stuff but most of these havemultiple hundred if not thousands ofreviews and I think the lowest rating wehave is 4.4 stars so we’re going to begoing through here this is the leastlike highly rated moving all the way upto the most highly rated and we’re goingto get a review from both Cooper andcoda for every single one of these toyslet’s get startedtoy number one has the utmost attentionwhat is this for aggressive chewers andalso cleans teeth but it has like asuper strong it reminds me of okayreviews that put it at 4.4 stars and itis one of our more pricey items becauseit’s $17.99 but hey that one $2.99 ifit’s gonna clean his teeth well worth itso let’s see what he thinksgood boy get a buddy oh look at thatjust you’re supposed to take it just OhOh caught us coming over hold on asecondhe’s Kota actually else now now Cooper’sgonna take of course good boy buddywe’ll give you some love taking it overto thenow you guys know this is pretty muchwhat we do every single time we have anew toy what do you think buddy do youlike that toy it’s meant for chewingit’s kind of a really hard plus theycaught us coming over here I kind offeel like coda wants to check it outKota get itoh no oh why are we excited about thatif you want me to be honest I felt likethis was rightfully so the first one togo because I didn’t think it was thatexciting I’m just gonna set this thingdown and see what happens we’re all juststanding in a circle around thepineapple not really a winner in Koto’sbook it gets Cooper’s glowing review butnobody else really cared this is a it’sa bone but it’s not a real bone likethere’s no actual food here there’snothing that they can chew off it’s justkind of like a hard rubber bone I guessit’s supposed to be good for cleaningteeth and massaging gums we’re gonna seewhat we think look at that Kota you likethat okay they would help if you if youtook it from the middle if I hold it onthe side where you take it from themiddle stay good boycoupies giving it a shot let’s see whatthis is all about looks like we’re justdoing spins I’m trying to figure thisthing out we aren’t really sure what itis we’re both trying to grab it from theedges instead of grabbing it like a bonewhat is wrong with our dogs have theynever seen a bone before I don’t I Idon’t understand why goo it is notrocket science it’s a bone your dogyou’re supposed to understand this giveit good boythat’s how we do it baby he’s just he’sjust playing with the blankets he’s noteven playing with the bone is he tryingto bury the bone maybe is his instinctkicking in am I reading too far intothis he’s just trying to make the boneplay with him and it’s not aninteractive toy like that meanwhilewe’ve got Kodaplaying with the same old lamb chop he’shad forever by himself not involved inthe episode at all apparently nobody inthis house knows what to do with thebone cooper gave it think fastthat is an aggressive squeak it’s $5 inlike 92 cents and it has just under athousand ratings for 4.4 stars Wow andyou know who I know is gonna feel theopposite Koda cuz he loves squeaky ballshe loves balls so much he just lovesplaying fetch he loves doing everythingelsehe just loves everything to do withballs Cooper’s try to steal it he thinksKoda wants it Koda has no answer Cooperyou could take it cut it it doesn’tactually like balls you ready get it[Music]Oh probably cooped you wanna play yourgame I think we’ve shown you guys this acouple times in the past but Cooper’sfavorite game is to lay on the landingof the stairs here you can throw it tothem sometimes he’ll catch it sometimeshe’ll let it hit himself in the head butthen he always picks it up and drops itback down and sometimes Bella likes toplay – you ready coop good good boysee we caught it now watch this you justgot to give it time let gravity do itswork because eventually this ball willcome rolling back down every time get itgood boy good catch and watch this justlike clockwork eventually gravity takesover you know he chews on it for a bitand then will nudge it and down thestairs it comes we play this game everyday toy number four is coming up do me afavor and close your eyes so this is oneof those squeaky chickens I’ve seenplenty of viral videos about these guysthey have really really good reviewsthey’re cheap this guy actually has themost reviews out of the entire list atnearly 2,200 with a four point four starrating that’s hard to do on Amazon soKota you want first dibs because I knowCooper’s really gonna like this – youwant first dibs do you want to try ityou ready you want to get it get it ornot okay the one thing I will say is Iwould imagine the squeaker is probablygoing to be squeaked out of that fairlyquickly thankfully for us like so once atooth goes through it it’s it’s done sogood boy get your chicken what do youthink about that it’s kind of a weirdsqueak it’s a reverse squeak when youpush down on it it doesn’t make noisebut when you let go and the air getsback into it is when it makes noise he’sjust squeaking it randomlyhe loves it and coat his back with lambchopit kind of looks like him do you see hislamp shopdo you like the lamb chop you know it’sa good thing we spent all this money andall this time researching these toys tomake our dogs happy so they can use thesame grungy old toy that they’ve had foryears our first four and a half starrating coming up here look at this thisis the rubber rugby sound dog toy okayit retails for around $12 no it has ahigh promise here because it says it canmake sound wind squeak attract interestin dogs interact and enhance lovebetween you and pet and if that doesn’thappen I’m Yuri upset let’s enhance thelove let’s see if it worksthose are bold claims from a $12 to Lcoops excited it’s another reverse weekoh that’s interesting we don’t have manyof those yeah that’s like a lower alower range squeak is it bouncy is itlike tough is it durableoh it’s bouncy oh there we goCoop’s always liked footballs he likedthe ones we got him at like theJacksonville game and stuff like thatwith him when he rolls it around copeare you feeling your love for Chelseaenhanced yet you buried the ball againwhy this is like a new behavior wehaven’t really seen it just lovesburying things in his blankets thisthing’s got some weight to it I actuallyreally like this coop can you can youcatch it get it good boy that wasn’t aneasy catch either obviouslynon-english-speaking made right it’smade in China so when I read it and Isaw the box I kind of questioned ithe is he is parading it around I wouldsay this one’s a winner what do youthink about footballs you like thesedon’t trust themthis guy is another four and a half starhere it’s actually only $9 which ispretty good one of the cheaper toys thatwe have in this bunch and it’s calledthe busy balance it kind of looks like aKong so this fits in with the lastepisode it looks like you do have holesand it’s hollow inside so you can putlike peanut butter and stuff in therebut obviously it’s got a much weirdershape and a much less predictable bouncethree two one go whoa Oh first bouncyyou kid good actually got kind ofexcited could a guy got am excited coopyou didn’t even let it go you’resupposed to let it bounce and roll andthen you chase it get it good boyoh look at that thing go it’s just youknow Cody you want to give it a try youwant to give it a try oh look at thisare you excited you want to give it asniff oh let’s keep it new and excitingare you ready go get itwhat’s up with that delayed reaction youwanna get it you want to get it you wantto get it get it go get it Wow look atthe agility he runs like a horse[Music]like a runaway freight train you don’tget out of the way he’s running you overhe doesn’t have the prowess to be ableto move once he’s going in one directionhe’s not stopping and now he’s trying tocombine the toilet lamby all right dudewe’re getting some tail wags for thisone what is this oh so we have one inthe next balls and one who likes hugsneither one likes both it should beinteresting it retails at fifteenminutes it has four and a half stars andabout 1200 reviews that’s pretty goodit’s like a name-brand thing too I chuckit you see a lot of those it’s meant fortug of war do I offer to them or do Ithrow it and hope he brings it back Imean you can try offering but I’m gonnamake a bet that he won’t take ithe he’s a note no take only throw kindof dog no oh you tease them enough ohlook at this we’re actually we’reactually playing tug of war get it goget it go get it get it good boyget it this is like the more this islike the more intense version of thesuction cup thing that we did this superCooper Channel I mean this this is funlooks like he’s filling is gettingawfully close to your handKota do you want to try it you liketug-of-war you like it with moretraditional ropes though you don’t youdon’t really like you don’t really likeballs get it get it get it get it movingon we’ve got a llama that packs a punchyes llama retails for 850 it is in ourtop three and it is actually not onlythe cheapest out of the top three butone of the cheapest out of all the oneswe’ve seen today it has a 4.6 starrating oh and what’s interesting is itlooks like there’s a lot of toys fromthis line but this was the one this wasthe one at the top ratings ever all thereviews say about how all their dogscarry it around and love it so much andeverything else so should we put poopaway coop come here give co2 a momentcome on coop come here I would never saysomething bad to his face but Cooper’snot good at sharing no he’s he’s Ferrisselse I think he’s an online child theway he behaved look at this new lawthat’s been white like you and soft andfluffy and it has a big heart good boyyou’re gonna take it it even has asqueaker in the front legs there this isliterally like a carbon copy of lambchop just in a different formyou’re just such a big softie dudesecond-to-last are we ready coupe whodoes it like rubber donut ultra durablerubber donut with a lifetime guaranteethis is supposed to be for the world’sheaviest chewers I wouldn’t say wereally have heavy chewers yeah we yeahwe like to like methodically you knowwhat’s the word I’m looking for what areyou doing like science class dissect welike to dissect sometimes but we don’twe don’t really choose so we’ll see howthis goesgo get it good boylook at that it’s also worth noting thisthing is 20 bucks which is kind of crazyit’s not it’s like solid rubber I meanit’s in a disc shape which he likesfrisbees and circles and stuff like thatso maybe I mean this is this is sounlike anything we’ve ever had so I’llhave to give you guys an update on thisbut it does look like there is quite abit of excitement off the bat here whatdo you think about it Kota do you likeit no I hate this one says llama or whenwe’re barking too much we can just dothis drum roll please so now we have thefinal toy the highest rated toy thiscomes in at $25 it’s got nearly 1,400ratings at a 4.6 it used to be a 4.7star but it just went down to a 4.6 sothis is a big Daddy a lot of people havebought it it’s fairly expensive but alot of people really really like it andit’s actually a twist on something wealready have in the house this righthere is a cat feather like fishing rodtoy these are cats absolute favoritetoys like all cats love these things itsimulates prey and they’ll chase itaround and they just they love to jumpat it and stuff like that as it turnsout our golden retriever also likes catfishing toys obviously this is not madefor a golden retriever if he bites it hegets it all nasty he ruins it and he canbreak it really easily sothe dog version let’s see herelook at that coupe you’re supposed toyou’re supposed to get it oh oh oh wowoh wow we really like this code are youseeing this cut it you don’t want itright nobody wants anything oh mygoodness we got to take this out frontwe got to we got to get him sometraction he’s gonna like slip a disc orsomething yes he’s gonna break his legso you can also use this as a leash towalk your dog what in the world ishappeningOh oh my gosh she’s flying[Music]looks like you caught yourself a bigfish there huh you’re really a reallygood fish Fisher woman oh he loves it somuch I didn’t expect them to like itthat’s my look how nice this is just twobrothers holding paws good boys so Ithink we have a good idea of what thefavourites are for each of them todaybut let’s see if they solidify that witha choice you guys can see we have arandomly set up randomly aligned here Ialso included lamb chop so we’re gonnasee if an old favorite works yes it hasChelsea’s gonna hold the pool thingshe’s not gonna move it but she’s gonnahold it as if it was like an availableoption so all right boyspick one get it and that didn’t surprisemekotas yeah cut us freaked out caught itdidn’t even pick anything pick somethingKota good boy you got to get somethingget something pick it get it get it Kotayeah gotta get ityeah there we gohe’s gonna dislocate something thisneeds to be on I’m just like a permanentpole he’s gonna yeah we did itstetherball let’s just put a tetherballPole in the backyard and just put alittle felt thing on it that’s all thisis and he is just gonna absolutely loveit oh my goodnessno that’s he’s playing he’s having agreat time so in a way there you guyshave the top 10 toys on Amazon reviewedhere let us know what you guys think letus know if you guys have any of these athome and we are gonna see you guys innext week’s episode be sure to subscribeto the super Cooper Channel its top linkdown description there’s also gonna be aforum down there if you guys want tosubmit ideas for super Cooper feel freeto do that and we’ll see you guys laterI’m thinking at some point we’re gonnahave to try the top 10 worst dog toysworst reviewed let us know what you guysthink peace out

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