You might think that feeding a dog is a simple thing but it is not. You can’t just feed them what you and your family have cooked for you.

The feed you give to them should meet their food requirement. Maintaining the proper feeding plan for your Pitbull is not as easy a task as it sounds.

Every Pitbulls are highly active, an incredible doer, and massive and muscular. Some might have an assumption about them as aggressive one, which is entirely false.

They are the best cuddling companion and playmates but, all they want is a complete food to fill their tummy and also energy needs.

You should know the type of food you have to feed your Pitbull. In this article, we are about to assist you with a pile of the top 5 best puppy food for pitbulls. This list is made after conducting several types of research and tests.

How to select the right puppy food for Pitbull?

The characteristic medium-sized Pitbullies are heavily muscular and bulky. They are capable to eat one fully grown adult horse’s whole meat.

While choosing the feed for them, you should look for a big formula that can keep their muscular strength intact and always energetic. 

Veterinarians will guide you in all the way to get the right food for your puppy pities from the worst food and what should be included and excluded in the ingredients.

Make sure the food you choose should give all the nutrients for its daily requirement. Dogs of different ages and sizes require different diet plans. So you should find the right feed for your pities. 

What are the things that should and shouldn’t be included in the ingredients of your puppy Pitbull?

  • The major source has to be a meat
  • No artificial flavors or dyes have to be added
  • No chemical preservatives have to be added

What are the top 5 best puppy food for Pitbull on the market?

1. ORIJEN Puppy Large

The major ingredients are Turkey and chicken meat, turkey and chicken hearts and livers, cage-free eggs, chicken neck and cartilage, flounder, herring, sardine, and mackerel, peas, lentils, and beans.


The palatable turkey and chicken meats have high-quality proteins. Their hearts and livers are packed with all the essential nutrients for your puppy’s excellent cardiovascular and cognitive health.

Plus their neck and cartilage will provide necessary nutrients for your puppy’s healthy skeletal development.

Eggs have a huge amount of good fat, protein, and iron. Included fin-fishes are packed with a high amount of fatty acids. The greens provide all essential energy which is much abundant in all legume carbohydrates. 

The major advantage of ORIJEN Puppy Large is, the dry and standard-sized kibbles are good for your puppy’s tiny teeth and prevent choking hazards.

The dry kibble’s hard nature strengthens your puppy’s jawlines, builds healthy and strong teeth.

2. Wild Frontier Large Breed with Beef and Wild Boar 

The major ingredients are Beef, pork meal, wild boar, peas, dried potatoes, beet pulp, chicken meal, fish oil, chicken fat, tapioca, and natural flavor.


This veggies and meat combination will delight your puppy pitbull. The natural breeds of pitbulls are omnivores, who can feed on both vegetables and meats.

Pities love delicious beef meat which is the major ingredient in the Wild Frontier Large Breed with Beef and Wild Boar.

To satisfy your beast’s carnivore nature, this feed has a large amount of paired meats which includes wild boar, pork, and their red meats and organs.

To add your puppy’s energy level this feed has ready carbohydrate sources which are split peas, dried potatoes, and beet pulp. The natural fats from fish and chicken oil are packed with tocopherols, a natural preservative derived from vitamin E. 

3. Taste of the Wild Ancient Mountain Canine Recipe with Roasted Lamb

The major ingredients are Lamb, grain sorghum, brown rice, egg product, salmon oil, dried yeast, canola oil, cracked pearled barley, millet, roasted lamb, lamb meal, tomato pomace, quinoa, dried chicory root, blueberries, raspberries, and chia seed.


How much food will fill your mouth in one go? How much is a mouthful for you? How much can you take from a bite?

Minimum 25gms but, for your pities, it varies. They will take a huge amount from each bite. You can’t overfeed it but meantime quenching their hunger is a huge task.

Then what can be done to quench your puppy’s hunger without increasing their body mass? Consider the Taste of the Wild Ancient Mountain Canine Recipe with Roasted Lamb.

Feeding your puppy with high-quality protein in low quantity will enormously elevate its body weight which will be a burden for even your puppy’s mundane act. They need a mouthful of food with fewer amounts of calories.

This feed will be a feast to your puppy’s taste bud and also its unique flavor will make occupy your puppy’s tummy without any doubt. This excellent formula comes with allergic-free ingredients and rich grains will give enormous energy without lack. It not only is being an attractive feed with pities around but also customer friendly with its lowest price in the market. 

4. Bully Max 30/20 High-Performance Dog Food

The major ingredients: Chicken meal, barley, menhaden fish, dried beet pulp, chicken fat, and brown rice.


Your massive companion is has a unique feature than others but, do you know their feeding habit too distinct from all others?

It is because they have different nutritional requirements. To fulfill their tummy needs you should feed them fully but, make sure the feed you are about to give your puppy has everything it pledged over the label.

The Bully Max 30/20 High-Performance Dog Food has what it says, it has an exact amount of 30% protein and 20% fat.

Your young companion needs meet get all the nutrients to achieve full growth, for this, the feed you are about to provide them has to be complete with whole nutrients, just like this puppy feed. For your concern in this feed, there is not even a slight trace of harmful chemicals and allergic compounds. So you can trust this brand to support your pities’ healthy growth.

5. PureVita Beef Jerky Dog Treats

The major ingredients are Beef, beef broth, sea salt, pumpkin, tocopherols, and organic apple cider vinegar.


PureVita Beef Jerky Dog Treats, what is in the name is actually in the included ingredients just beef and pumpkin, tocopherols to preserve them. None like other common dog feeds, this one is formulated for your puppy’s reward. This tasty feed is natural and healthy dog food. It has no artificial flavors, colors, additives, and any other harmful chemicals. It will be a great healthy snack for your little companion.


For your knowledge, we are about to share some important and simple methods to find the right food for your puppy Pitbull.

They are directly extracted from vet’s advice, look for whole grains if not avoid them, the grain-based food which can result from future heart problems. Never forget to check the age and size of the food is recommended.

Get a vet if you find any signs of allergic reactions. This is very common in high-quality protein dog feed from one source. Make sure your companion gets your proper attention because before all your time with them will make them happy and healthy which is much necessary with the proper feed. 

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