Every puppy will have folded ears while at the time of birth. These folded ears will not give you a hint of whether your puppy’s ears will stand or flop after they become an adult.

Still, there are some signs to guess or find if your puppy’s ears will stand when it grows into an adult. These will help you to predict your puppy’s ears. Plus there are some tricks which you can use to help them to attain maximum growth.

But why it is so much important whether your dog’s ear will stand or not?

The erect and standing ears of your puppy are a gift from their ancestors, the wolves. Dogs with standing ears are the model of their genetic traits.

It will be so much adorable while either of your dog’s ears stands erect and we bet it will be more fun to look at them.

Indeed it is spectacular when your dog’s ears will stand. The closed and folded ears of your newborn puppy will stand still or flop once after two weeks from the time of its birth.

The reason behind these standing ears is pinnae, it is a point where the standing ears are determined. It varies according to the breed and type of dog you own.

How to know if your dog’s ears will stand?

You should concern some things to tell if a dog’s ear will stand or not. They are:

By examining its breed

The breed is the major factor that deals with your dog’s ears whether it will stand or flop. Most commonly, breeds that look like a replica of a wolf for example German Shepherd will have ears that will stand.

Their ears will stand erect when their whole tooth grows completely, which is mostly will take a maximum of seven months.

However, some of the German Shepherd’s ears will standstill at a minimum of five months after the time of its birth, and maximum it would take a year to see your dog’s standing ears.

The strong cartilage only can withhold the weight of the pinnae. For this, your dog should get the appropriate nutrition for the right formation of cartilage.

Siberian Husky and Alaskan Malamute breeds are supposed to have standing ears once they complete three weeks from their time of birth. Usually, their ear’s growth will attain its full growth when it turns six months old. Until then their ears will go up or half at random moments.

The fox-like ears of Cardigan Welsh Corgis and Pembroke will sprout out only after eight weeks from its time of birth. Unfortunately, some of them don’t come out like others.
Yorkshire terrier’s ear will stand only after 3 to 6 months from the time of its birth. Still, some records show that it would exceed up to 9 months.

Typical ears of English Bull Terriers will start to stand still between three to four months.

Chihuahua puppies commonly have their ears standstill between five to fifteen weeks, alas mostly they will take up to eight months.

Blue Heelers or Australian Cattle Dogs, their ears will be standing at five weeks but, the most known period is more than months.

Unlike the above breeds, some breeds don’t have this feature. Despite this, their ears are manually triggered to stand still by cropping, bandaging, and taped or posted for many months. Those breeds are including the Great Dane, the Schnauzer’s famous image, or the Doberman Pinscher.

What if the breed is cross between the two different breeds, Will their ears stand?
Analyzing their parent’s features will help you to guess if their ears will stand or not. Whether your puppy is an offspring of two breeds with erect ears, yours also will have erect and standing ears.

Or if their parents are two different, that is one with erect standing ears but another with floppy ears.

Then, there will be fifty-fifty chances of your puppy’s ear will stand or not. Rarely in this case will some puppy form semi-erect and standing ears.

How to guess whether the puppy’s ear will stand or not by examining the ears?

You can guess if your puppy’s ear will stand or not simply by observing some signs. Sound is the best way to guess this feature.

Call your puppy from some small distance away from them or make some sound to get its attention.

If you find any jerking moments above their ears then it is a fine sign to guess your puppy’s ear will stand when they attain the right level of growth.

Another way to guess this is, see its ears. If it is formed as much as high over their head and the distance between the two ears are too close. Then, it is the right sign of standing ears.

Measure their size, if your puppy has large-sized ears then, it might not stand up. But, some breeds like the German Shepherd will take several days for their cartilage growth due to its enormous size.

However, with all this and too much information, you can only guess whether its ear will stand or not. But you can’t be sure.

If your puppy’s pinnae are hard after five to seven months, there are changes t their ears will stand or if you find them too soft and thin, there will be less number of chances for them to stand still.

How to strengthen their cartilage for standing ears?

There are eight muscles that stand behind your puppy’s standing ears. They need to be strong enough to lift the whole weight of your puppy’s ears.

They have to be well built for this. Some diets plans will help to strengthen your puppy’s ear muscles.

They are:

Most Vet advice for this hidden issue is feeding your puppy with an adequate amount of Calcium in their regular food. But, you should be too conscious because excess calcium intake will lead to bones deformation. Or it might be a hindrance while absorbing other nutrients.

  • The dietary requirement will vary from one breed to another. The vet advised German Shepherd diet is 22% of high-quality protein and 8% fats.
  • Some supplements will do wonders like Vitamin C, gelatin, and glucosamine. These will help your puppy’s cartilage growth.
  • Avoid excessive patting and caressing
  • The cartilage in your puppy’s ear is too sensitive, flexible, and delicate.

So your constant patting and touching their ears may affect the growth cartilage-like bending or shunted their growth at the early stage of your puppy. Also, keep an eye over them if you find them playing too roughly with their companions (puppies). They might chew its ear which will damage the growth of cartilage.

Get rid of their nutrient stealers

Make sure you dewormed your puppy once every 4 to 6 months because worms will loot their nutrients. This will not only affect the ear’s standing but also your puppy’s whole growth.

What makes the sudden drop in your dog’s standing ears?

It is more common if your puppy’s teeth are started to bud. Its ear will stand up once its teething completes. This is because the nutrients which were sent for its ears now diverted into its teething process.

Have you noticed your dog’s one of the two ears dropped and won’t stand will before? It might be an impact of trauma or inflammation.

Get your vet’s attention in this case. Plus, it can also be a result of a wrong sleeping posture.

Check whether your dog’s that ear folds or bend while it sleeps over it. This can be treated by changing sleeping posture.

What are the methods to artificially trigger your dog’s ear to stand?

For your wonder, there are not one but more methods to stimulate your dog’s ears to stand still and erect. Be sure your breed has the potency to develop erect and still standing ears because, if it is not in their trait then it won’t work out.


Cropping is the most famous and controversial method to make your dog’s ears stand. This cosmetic method has a belief that doing this will be a reason behind ear infections. But, this has no proof. Many types of research showed that naturally some of the breeds develop ear infections without any reason.

The cropping is done in three different types. They are Short, medium, and long crops.
Check with your breeder and vet before going for any of these cropping methods because cropping is varied from breed to breed. Better ask expert’s advice before going for this.


Taping is giving artificial support for your puppy’s ears to stand still until it stands on its own. Speak to your breeder and vet before doing the taping. Make sure you are using the taping with cleaned and sterile materials, hair removed ears, and for your concern taping is safe and free of infection.

It may be painless but, it will irritate your dog’s ears. And it is not a promising method that the result will be either positive or negative so make sure this effort is worth doing.


You can buy the moleskin from your nearby chemist. It is soft and safe. It comes in a strip form which you have to stick inside your puppy’s ears by using any safe glue-like fabric glues.

The chew method

You can give chewing toys to your big buddy like the German Shepherd. Chewing it will help their ears to stand still. This is due to often chewing will trigger ear and jaw muscle growth.


Stand or floppy, dogs are lovely in what they are if you love them. Appearance no matter when there is love.

So love what it is. If your dog’s ears stand still and erect means it is natural, likewise if not that to its nature. Let it be what it is meant to be. All these developments are the reason that everyone is unique in their way.

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